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James William Breen (born 1947) is a Research Fellow at Monash University in Australia, where he was a professor in the area of IT and telecommunications before his retirement in 2003.[1] He holds a BSc in mathematics, an MBA and a PhD in computational linguistics, all from the University of Melbourne. He is well known for his involvement in several popular free Japanese-related projects: the EDICT and JMDict Japanese–English dictionaries, the KANJIDIC kanji dictionary, and the WWWJDIC portal which provides an interface to search them.[1][2][3]

His EDICT dictionary and WWWJDIC server have been described as "reliable and close to comprehensive".[1] The 195,000-term lexicon is used by popular apps such as ImiWa (iOS) and AEDict (Android), and has been used to build other Japanese language learning sites such as Rikai and Jisho.org.[1]

He remains a board member of the Japanese Studies Centre at Monash University.[4]


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